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Earnix Virtual Summit 2020

Smarter Business Velocity for Insurers and Banks

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The best of Earnix Virtual Summit on-demand

Rating, pricing, and personalization. Smarter analytics, business velocity - and one summit.
Please find on this website the eighteen presentations of the 2020 Earnix Virtual Summit, featuring presenters from USAA, McKinsey, Celent, NatWest, Lloyds, Intesa, along with numerous Earnix experts. Browse below to find sessions on insurance, banking, and analytics; UBI, dynamic pricing, model explainability, and much more.


"When both [underwriting and pricing] are done in the same end-to-end infrastructure then running scenarios to understand the holistic customer impact takes much less time."
Aaron Wright, AVP Pricing Modernization, USAA


"To fully leverage the potential of embedding advanced analytics into the organization, financial organizations need to upgrade their analytical and technological literacy."
Reuven Shnaps, Ph.D., Chief Analytics Officer, Earnix


"When talking about personalization, real-time messages, and marketing, having models is not enough. What you need is an automated capability of running these models and making these decisions."
Walter Rizzi, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Leader of QuantumBlack Italy



Udi Ziv

Chief Executive Officer, Earnix

The inherent advantages of end-to-end pricing

Aaron Wright

AVP, P&C Actuary & Analytics, USAA

Using pricing to meet customer needs

Jon Sykes

Head of General Insurance Pricing, Lloyds Banking Group

Creating business value with observational data - The usage-based insurance case

Marty Ellingsworth

Senior Analyst, Celent

The criticality of combining control, enabling speed and being smart

Peter Reynolds

Head of Insurance International, Earnix

The post-COVID-19 pricing imperative for P&C insurers

Doug McElhaney & Gregor Becker

McKinsey & Company

Personalization: The key to true digital selling

Yaron Lavie

VP Product, Earnix

Underwriting reimagined

Drew Lawyer

Head of Professional Services, The Americas, Earnix


Intesa Sanpaolo: The pricing transformation journey at ISBD

Andrea Consonni & Vid Kovačiček

Intesa Sanpaolo Group

Making certain decisions in uncertain times

Yaron Lavie

VP Product, Earnix

The journey on segmented pricing

Anant Bhandarkar & Noga Aloni

NatWest & Earnix

Business velocity with pricing and personalization

Be'eri Mart

Head of Banking, Earnix

Personalizing banking relationships: Where do we stand?

Walter Rizzi

Partner at McKinsey&Company, Leader of QuantumBlack Italy

Efficient personalization & getting too personal

Lucy Kadets

Product Manager, Earnix

Dueling disruptions in Auto Finance

Will Ely

Solutions Architect, Earnix


Model explainability in banking and insurance

Ori Katz, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Earnix

The rise of the machines: Challenges in utilizing tree-based models for pricing

Adar Ben Aderet

Data Science Team Leader, Earnix

The analytics-driven financial services organization

Reuven Shnaps, Ph.D.

Chief Analytics Officer, Earnix